Washer Repair

Appliance Repair Toronto services all makes and models of washers. Whether you have a front loading washing machine or top loading washing machine, you can rest assured that our factory trained technicians can handle any task. If you have a Washer that needs to be repaired or serviced in the Greater Toronto Area contact us, and let us know what is your issue. If your washing machine is not cleaning clothes and acting up, such as not spinning or lack of drainage, if your washer won’t spin, or if your washer is making a loud noise, maybe your washer won’t agitate, we can help. Appliance Repair Toronto will have your machine repaired or serviced in no time.

Here are commonly repaired issues to your washer:

  1. Washer is not draining water
  2. washer is not bringing water in
  3. washer is leaking water
  4. washer is not spinning or agitating
  5. Washer is making noise


Here we will talk about possible repair issues and solutions to your washing machine. If the washer is not draining water, the first thing to check is to make sure that the door lock is engaging properly and that the door is locked during usage. Once determined that the door lock works, the next step is to open up the filter and clear any debris that you may find in it. Keep in mind that some models will have an access panel to the filter in the bottom corner of the washer. On models that do not have this feature, you would have to remove the bellow as well as the front door in order for you to access the drain pump. Place a bucket or bowl under the filter as a good amount of water will come out when you open the filter. Most times, this filter accumulates pins, coins and metal braw hooks that have accumulated over time. Remove all objects from filter and test machine again. If no objects were found, then the pump is most likely defective and would need to be replaced.

Another very common problem to washing machine is that no water is coming into the machine. First check the water supply under the sink to make sure that the valves are on. Once determined that the water valves are on, remove the hot and cold water lines connecting to the inlet valve (while the water is shut off) and place these supply lines into a bucket and turn the water back on. If water comes out then we know that the waterlines are not plugged and that the inlet valves would need replacing.

Next, when you get a leaking washer, you should first check the door seal. The door seal is a rubber seal that connects the outer drum to its inner part and prevents water leakage during use. A lot of times, this rubber seal tears due to a foreign object cutting it. Check the seal for tear marks and change if necessary. Another place where water could leak from is the inlet valves. These valves have solenoids attached to them. These solenoids open and close to allow water to enter the machine. Sometimes, these solenoids are worn out and water starts leaking from the top of the solenoid. Inspect the solenoid for eater spots and replace if necessary.

If you feel you need the expert help, you can call Appliance Repair Toronto at any time during our business hours and one of our factory trained technicians will be happy to help solve your issues.