Stove Repair

Like any other appliances in your home, not having a not functional stove or oven is a big inconvenience. This causes great stress to your home as you’re unable to do the cooking. If your oven or stove stops working, rest assure that Appliance Repair Toronto is but a phone call away. Our Technicians are factory trained and licensed to service any stove repair you may experience.

Here are top indicators that your oven or stove require service:

  • Oven is not heating (Bake and Broil)
  • Oven temperature is not accurate
  • Oven door is locked (after using self clean)
  • Stove top elements not heating
  • Display clock is dead


If you experience one of these top indicators to your stove, Call Appliance Repair Toronto today and let us fix your stove. With more than 20 years experience fixing stoves, our technicians are factory trained and qualified to tackle any issue you may experience with your stove or oven.

If your oven is not heating, the bake element would need to be checked. First check the element for any tear or burning marks as this is a sign that your element is broken. If the element looks normal, then the element would need to be tested for voltage and continuity. This part requires a multi meter and a highly trained technician as this procedure involves testing the machine with live electricity. Please do don’t try to test the element for voltage on your own and consult as trained professional.

Another sign of a broken oven is the temperature. One may experience that the oven keeps burning food under the normal temperature, while other find that the oven will not heat to the desired levels. Both these signs are indicating a bad temperature sensor. To test the sensor, a continuity test is required.

If your stove clock is dead but your top elements are working, the most common issue that can cause this problem is a faulty main control board as it probably shorted out. you can inspect the board for possible burning marks on the relays behind it.

If your stove top element is not working, or if the dual element has one part of it working, check the element for a cut in the element as this would cause the inner to work but the outer element not to work at all. If this is the case, the element would need to be replaced.

If you experience these or any other symptoms to your stove or oven, Call Appliance Repair Toronto and let the pros fix your oven. We take extreme pride in our responsibility to provide the best client experience along with competitive prices to cater everyone.