Washer Repair

Your washing machine is without an important part of our household. When the washing machine goes bad, it creates havoc in one’s home. This issue becomes even more significant as our clothes begin piling up and the laundry needs to be done. Therefore, the minute it all of a sudden quits working, particularly when you are amidst washing your garments, it can be very stressful and inconvenient around the house, especially if there are baby clothes that need to be washed. Appliance Repair Toronto can reduce this stress and spare you from the inconveniences of being without a working washing machine.

One of the most known problems attributed to a broken washer is the fact that suddenly it stops draining. When this happens, the machine is stuck with water in the drum and therefore your clothes can still be soaked. You might even experience, in some situations, your washer’s door to be locked. This usually happens when the washer cannot advance to its spinning cycle if it does not drain and therefore causes the machine to be stuck. To resolve this issue, check to see if the drain pump filter is clogged with foreign objects. most times, you will find under garment, coins, and pins inside the pump that are causing it not to drain.For you to totally analyze and alter the issue, you have to contact a specialist in washer repair like Appliance Repair Toronto that will investigate your unit and get things back on track.

Another common issue one may experience with your washing machine is no water coming into the machine. When this happens, check the water supply line first to make sure there is a constant stream of water leading to the washer valves. If water is present, could be faulty. Test the valves with an ohm meter and replace the valves if necessary.

If you feel like the task is too great for you to handle, you can always call Appliance Repair Toronto and one of our licensed washing machine technicians will be more than happy to repair your washer issues. Being in the washer repair market for almost 20 years, there is no job or issue that our experts have not encountered yet. Our washer specialists have a proven track record taking care of washers of all models and brands. Appliance Repair Toronto can undoubtedly get your washing machine to work quickly and efficiently.

Call us today and be part of countless customers who trust Appliance Repair Toronto to fix their washing machines. We are available to you 7 days a week, including evenings and holidays.