Dryer Repair Service

Call Appliance Repair Toronto for same day dryer repair in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. When your dryer stops working, it causes havoc in your home. As laundry piles up, the more you delay in calling an expert Appliance Repair company, the more stress this will cause to you and your family.

When Should You Call Dryer Repair Experts?

When your dryer stops working you will notice a considerable difference in the way it operates. Here are several signs that you have to watch for which can indicate that your appliance needs some repair service. The most common symptoms that there is a dryer trouble before you include the following:

  1. The dryer does not turn on.
  2. Dryer works but no heat is coming.
  3. The drum doesn’t tumble.
  4. The clothes get too hot.
  5. Dryer is making loud noises.

When your dryer does not turn on, you should first check the breaker and make sure it is on. A lot of times, the dryer can even be accidentally unplugged. You’d be surprised at how often we encounter this scenario. If the dryer is has power, and still does not turn on, the dryer thermal fuses need to be checked for continuity. If all test Ok, then the main board would be the next to check.

Another issue that may happen is that the dryer starts but does not heat. In this case, there could be an issue with the dryer’s heating element. In this case, the heater would need to be checked with a volt meter for continuity. An open circuit would mean that the element is faulty and needs to be replaced. In some cases, a bad thermal fuse can also cause this problem.

One other possibility is that the dryer starts but the drum does not spin. This is a classic scenario for a belt that is torn. to replace the belt, the drum and cabinets need to be removed. Once removed, uninstall the belt from the idler pulley to remove it and install the new belt.

In the event that you will disregard any of these issues for a really long time, this can result to your dryer getting damaged to an unrecoverable level and you will wind up buying a new machine. Rather than trying to do the repair all alone, contracting the experts at Appliance Repair Toronto can remediate your dryer repair issues on time and on budget.

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